The Weekly Wrap — March 25th, 2020

March 25, 2020

The Weekly Wrap is a new post I’ll be doing every week where we’ll talk about current reads, recently finished reads, what I’m listening to, games I’m playing, movies I’m watching, and general life stuff. ♥ If you’re a fan of my past WWW Wednesday & The Sunday Post updates, you’ll love this combination of the two!


on the blog:

last week: this week:
CURSED (anthology review)
february haul
spring tbr

(holy crap, I did things this week!)

✨ february wrap-up

(trying not to get TOO optimistic here…)


latest video uploads:

(click the thumbnails to watch!)



current reads:

  1. Seven Deadly Shadows
  2. Bent Heavens
  3. The Shadow of What Was Lost
  4. The Diviners
  5. Geekerella
  6. Into the Drowning Deep
  7. Vampire Academy
  8. Rosemary and Rue
  9. Sick Kids in Love
  10. Medicine Man

recently finished:

  1. Cursed ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  2. A Princess in Theory ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

up next:

Just trying to mood read and focus on what makes me happy, even if it means abandoning most of my current reads for a little while. ?


new review arrivals:

I don’t even wanna talk about it… ?

  • e-arcs:
    • The Hollow Places
    • Repo Virtual
    • Deal with the Devil
    • Out of Body
    • Flyaway
    • Night of the Mannequins
    • She Has a Broken Thing Where Her Heart Should Be
    • Survivor Song
    • It Will Just Be Us
    • TRUEL1F3
    • A Song Below Water
    • Burn Our Bodies Down
    • Where Dreams Descend
    • The Passengers You Cannot See
    • Home Before Dark
    • Tomb of Gods
    • Until Summer Comes Around
    • Cinderella is Dead
    • The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea
    • Fable
    • The Perfect Escape
    • The Dark Tide
  • print arcs:
    • His & Hers
  • audio arcs:
    • The Boy Who Cried Werewolf


what I watched:

? Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010) — ?????? (this was a rewatch and it NEVER gets old!)

Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk, and Katrina Bowden in Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)


what I’m listening to:

? I didn’t really listen to any music or audiobooks this week, I don’t think. ?


what I’m playing:


Image result for animal crossing new horizons


life updates:

This week has mostly been better. I started feeling kinda human again a few days ago, though yesterday was a hiccup in that progress, but I’m trying! As you can see, I got bored on Netgalley at one point this week… ? I went a little wild and grabbed ALL THE THINGS which I don’t quite regret yet, but my spouse swears I will soon (and I’m sure they’re right lmao). I’ve been trying to read more the last couple of days, but I’ve basically given up on TBRs and shifted to exclusively mood reading, which isn’t working as well for me as I thought it would! I think maybe I should go back to my TBR or work on some ARCs because the only ARC I’ve tried reading in the last several WEEKS was Cursed, which I ended up binge reading in basically one sitting… so maybe I’m ready to go back to my review copies? ?‍♀️ I guess we’ll find out in next week’s update!

Oh, and serious shout-out to Game Grumps for helping so much to keep me sane this month. ♥


goals for the coming week:

I’m putting this section on hold for now.

Update on last week’s goals:

  1. Write reviews for 20+ RTCs
  2. Catch up on blog hopping
  3. Schedule 2 weeks of posts

This week’s new goals:

  1. (carrying over) Write reviews for 20+ RTCs
  2. (carrying over) Catch up on blog hopping
  3. Schedule at least 2 weeks of blog posts


a few last words:

(^ credit to irenhorrors on deviantart!)




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